Geselecteerde, recente presentaties over de farmaceutische industrie

  1. Washington, USA, January 17-18, 2006: “Establishing trial registries and publishing data: The Organon case” in symposium “Clinical Data Disclosure and the Pharmaceutical Image”, ExL Pharma. Also member of roundtable discussion.
  2. Wassenaar, the Netherlands, June 19, 2007: “De aantrekkelijkheid van Nederland voor het uitzetten van clinical trials vanuit farmaceutisch perspectief.” First Congress of the Dutch Clinical Trial Foundation.
  3. Utrecht, the Netherlands, May 13, 2008: :”Nieuwe geneesmiddelen: Overheid of Industrie”. Public debate during the 100 years of pharmacology celebrations.
  4. Amsterdam, the Netherlands, September 10, 2008. Cochairman of session: “Any end of the blockbuster mindset?” 15th International Conference on Pharmaceutical Medicine. Also member of Scientic Organizing Committee.
  5. Oss, the Netherlands, October 28, 2008: “New Medicines: A scientific business”. Brabant oration for Utrecht alumni.
  6. Amersfoort, the Netherlands, June 18, 2009. “Perspective from the pharmaceutical industry”, Benchmarking Workshop during Third Congress of the Dutch Clinical Trial Foundation.
  7. Istanbul, Turkey, September 7, 2009. “Global Clinical Development: Changing Paradigms”. FIP World Congress of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences.
  8. Groningen, the Netherlands, December 9, 2009.”Geneesmiddelenindustrie over de TOP” Symposium 128th Dies Natalis GFSV “Pharmaciae Sacrum”.
  9. Utrecht, the Netherlands, January 22, 2010: “Pharma R&D in 21st Century: More with Less”. New Year meeting Dutch Association of Pharmaceutical Medicine.
  10. Hilversum, the Netherlands, June 23, 2010. In DCTF annual congress “Naar Transparante Trials” during benchmark workshop: “Hoe staat Nederland er voor en hoe kan het beter?”
  11. Loosdrecht, the Netherlands, May 19, 2011: Nederlandse Vereniging voor Farma Marketeers: “Hoe medisch en marketing optimaal kunnen samenwerken”
  12. Lunteren, the Netherlands, October 5, 2011. Congress Dutch Clinical Trial Foundation, chairman workshop: “Certification: One size fits all?”
  13. Amsterdam, the Netherlands, October 25, 2011: “Drugs for developing countries”. euSEND Symposium: Investing in Neglected Tropical Diseases, Successful Partnerships (also on YouTube)
  14. Hoevelaken, the Netherlands, November 2, 2011: “The future of clinical trials”. Autumn meeting of Association of Clinical Research Organisations in the Netherland (ACRON).
  15. Utrecht, the Netherlands, November 3, 2011 Member of panel during combined CBG and Farmacie & Recht meeting: “De nieuwe farmacovigilantiewetgeving in Nederlands perspectief”.
  16. Nijmegen, the Netherlands, June 1, 2012: “How safe and effective are drugs given outside the prescribing information?” Workshop during Nijmegen Centre for Evidence-based Practice
  17. Lunteren, the Netherlands, October 2, 2012: Member discussion panel: Real Life Data as benefit for the patiënt”. Combined meeting Nefarma, NVFG, ZonMw
  18. Lunteren, the Netherlands, October 3, 2012: Chairman DCTF symposium: “Clinical trials in Nederland: Op weg naar topkwaliteit”.
  19. Capelle a/d IJssel, the Netherlands, Pfizer, November 6, 2012: “The image of the pharmaceutical industry”, Feed your Brain lecture
  20. Oegstgeest, the Netherlands, November 9, 2012 “De invloed van de financieringsbron op de kwaliteit van klinisch geneesmiddelenonderzoek”. Also member of discussion panel. Combined meeting of “Farmacie & Recht”, DARQA, NVFG, ACRON and Nefarma.
  21. Utrecht, the Netherlands, Media Plaza, December 9, 2014: “Contouren van een nieuwe geneesmiddelenindustrie: farma 3.0.”, on occasion of 20th anniversary Dutch Association of Pharma Marketeers
  22. Rotterdam, the Netherlands, LBP Opleidingsinstituut, January 28, 2015: “Hoe verhouden kosten van Research & Development zich tot de prijs van innovatieve geneesmiddelen?” during Expertmeeting “De prijs van het geneesmiddel: innovatief denken!”
  23. Veenendaal, The Netherlands, Van der Valk Hotel, April 23, 2015, member of various panels during “CRA-dag 2015”
  24. Amsterdam, Regardz Planetarium, April 24, 2015, member panel discussion on differences between industry- and investigator-initiated clinical trials in interpretation of GCP regulations during formal launch of eBROK, the formal GCP training module for Dutch University Medical Centres.
  25. Amsterdam, Beurs van Berlage, October 1, 2015: Member of two panel discussions on Access and Policy of new hepatitis C drugs. Nationale Hepatitisdag 2015.
  26. Ede, de Reehorst, October 7, 2015: “Toetsen van niet WMO-plichtig onderzoek. Industrie-perspectief. Dutch Medicines Days, 2015.
  27. Zürich, Switzerland, AURA, November 25, 2015, 20th anniversary Swiss Society of Pharmaceutical Medicine: “Welcome on behalf of IFAPP”, and member of Oxford Debate: This house believes that clinical trial transparency is overrated.”
  28. Utrecht, Academiegebouw, January 6, 2016, Winter Meeting WHO and University Utrecht: “Globalization of clinical trials.”
  29. Zoetermeer, The Netherlands, AstraZeneca, January 28, 2016. New Year Symposium NVFG on biosimilars. Chairman.
  30. Veenendaal, The Netherlands, Van der Valk Hotel, April 21 2016. “Nieuwe geneesmiddelen, goed voor U?” Plenary lecture during the “CRA-dag 2016”.
  31. Arnhem, The Netherlands, Novartis, May 24, 2016. Chairman: “Risk Minimisation Measures in de praktijk”. Meeting of the Pharmacovigilance Platform Netherlands.
  32. Vlieland, The Netherlands, June 4, 2016, ProQR conference: “Don’t kill the messenger? The pharmaceutical industry and the media”.
  33. Basel, Switzerland, June 8, 2016. Plenary lecture during CFE/ECFS Joint meeting: “How do costs for research and development relate to the price of innovative medicines?
  34. Shanghai, China, December 8, 2020. Cleveringa lecture at the Dutch Consulate: “Pharmaceutical companies: Creative Innovators or Crooked Moneymakers?”